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Gone are the days when being unethical in businesses was a walk in the park. It was almost impossible for customers to find out if any of the companies was playing games with them. Consumers never had enough access to information, and lack of ignorance of consumers made lying and cheating easy for some organizations.

Dishonesty in still found in businesses, but now it’s easy to discover unethical practices of these businesses. With the advent of social media, someone is likely to find out when an enterprise lies, cheats and steals.

Social media technology is powerful and can be deadly for a brand that lies. Forbes contributor David Vinjamuri writes (and, rightfully so), “As trust is the prized currency of social media, ethical lapses or oversights can be deadly for the brand”.

Below mentioned are 3 fundamental ways for brands to engage and inform while remaining ethical.

Below mentioned are 3 fundamental ways for brands to engage and inform while remaining ethical.

Rule no #1 Always tell the truth

If you read the first commandment of ‘Ten Commandments of Ethical Advertising’, which was produced in the year 1911 by the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, you will know that telling the truth, by far, is the most essential and effective way to engage and communicate with consumers. If your organization uses deceptive and treacherous content on social media to lure people to buy your brand, these people will sooner or later find out the truth and tarnish your brand image.

Rule no #2 Choose the topic of your content wisely

Social mediums should be used as a platform where your brand and people can connect. Make sure the content that is flown on these channels is positive and beneficial for the overall growth of the brand, and, most importantly, does not offend anyone. Sensitive topics pertaining to politics and religion should be avoided as they can offend many people and in return provide bad limelight on your brand.

Rule no #3 Do not compromise on your consumer’s privacy

Compromising on consumer’s privacy is one of the biggest issues faced by the ethics committee worldwide. Organizations, big and small, don’t leave any stones unturned in scouting for data on individual consumers. In a recent study, 69% of adults showed lack of confidence in the records of their activities maintained by social media sites will remain safe. Using information of consumers without their consent is a fundamental case of breaching privacy, which should be avoided.

Put Yourself in the Consumer’s Shoes!

One of the easiest ways to remain ethical on social media platforms is by putting yourself in the shoes of your consumer. Doing this will help you understand a buyer’s personality while helping you maintain ethical boundaries on social mediums

The Bottom Line

The point is, social media tools are growing in numbers and in abilities, which means there will always be more resources available to check the authenticity of your content on these mediums. We live in an era where connecting with someone from any part of the world is just a click away. In other words, we are now blessed to be living in a small world, literally and figuratively. Therefore, it is imperative to remain ethical on social media or stay prepared to face the heat later.

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